Salento | Donnanna


During the month of August, only 18km. (11.5miles) from Ortelle take place the “night of Taranta”, a nice typical popular dance festival. It is the traditional music of Salento that merge ancient and new musical languages and tendences. The event will be showed in several places of Salento and has its top in Melpignano’s big concert with the partecipation of artists of national and internationale notority. The attendance at the festival is over one hundred thousend people.

During the first half of July in the town of Scorrano there is the festival of Santa Domenica and it becomes the “world capital of artistic illuminations”, where technology challenges nature. Thousands of coloured lamps enlight Scorrano black night with astonishing “lightinig” – following the rhythm of music – of gigantic luminarie made by masters paratori (makers) of Salento, nowadays famous all over the world.

“La Cutura” is the world’s richest cactus botanic garden. Walking a long path sided with storkbills and pine trees through an imposing staircase digged in the rock, it is possible to reach an old tufa quarry where dwell some rare citrus trees, dwarf conifers, eritrinæ, gorgoniæ and many others odd plants.
Along all the walking visitors’ attention will be captured by big rocks standig aside the paths as monoliths.
For the younger guests, inside the garden is available a little zoölogical farmyard pattern dedicated to the nicest and oddest farm and ornamental animals .